Attacking lines in the Blackmar-Diemer

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    I am interasted in playing the blackmar diemer against the scandi. Many players I know use the scandi and its really boring. I dont have much experience playing this but I will show what I think it will go like.


    perhaps the end was streched out but I got my point accross


    Thank you in advanceSmile

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    The BDG will work against the Scandi fine ... However, it's an expensive solution to dealing with that defense --- unless you assume that your opponents won't have a clue how to respond and you won't really study the lines very much.Wink

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    Have something prepared for 2...c6 and 2...e6. You never know...

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    5...Bg4 and 5...e6 will be by far the most common continuations.

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    I'm a big blackmar player.  In OTB games, I see 5...Bg4 the most, and after 6.h3, it's 2-1 either 6...Bh4 and 6...BxN.  But really, there is an absolutely ridiculous amount of continuations.  Just over the weekend, I played the blackmar 3 times and got 3 different responses!  They were as follows: teichman(5...bg4 and then he followed with Bh5); 3...Nc6; and the last one was 4...Nc6.  So if you are preparing for everything, there are a lot of lines to preprare for.  But it makes for a fun game, that is for sure.

    Here is a continuation of your diagram(starting with move 7.) that I like better(keeps the pressure on):


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    Im a Scandinavian player and d4 will definetely catch me by surprise. Watch out for 5)... h3/c6/Bg4 though.

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    Also worth mentioning is the Ziegler Defense (5...c6) which I play against the Blackmar-Diemer Gambit.  If white plays inaccurately, he can quickly find himself losing in under 20 moves.  In addition, it is not as well known so the Scandinavian player will generally know those positions better.

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    thanks for all the comments, I will take all of them into account.

    Keep posting.

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