Best respond for sicilian defense?


What is the best respond for white agianst sicilian defense after e4 c5? Is c4 good?

It puts pressure on the center especially on d5.

majed_fakheredeen wrote:

What is the best respond for white agianst sicilian defense after e4 c5?

Is c4 good?It puts pressure on the center especially on d5

It also gives up a center square, specifically d4.  Not a big point, but notice black can kick a knight out of d5 with the move e6 while white has a real hole on d4.

c4 also boxes in the light square bishop, and is inflexible.  Black is free to choose different structures.

It's also a pawn move in the opening.

It's solid, but passive and unambitious.


There is certainly not a "Best way" to play against such a large and complex opening as the Sicilian. It is one of the biggest opening theory complexes there are.

2 c3 is an option for white if you want to avoid "normal" Sicilian altogether.

Otherwise the mainline is playing 2 Nf3 (as evidenced in the statistics).


Depends on the position type you want to play. Do you want a wild crazy game or something slow and strategical ... maybe something in between.

After you know the answer to that, you can find the best responce for you


2.d4!! cxd4 3.c3!! dxc3?? 4.Nxc3 1-0


Smith-Morra is the best.


e4 c4 is best bcoz opponenets are not prepared for that and tend to attack the e4 square inplace of d4




Try Maroczy bind formations


There are many aproaches to sicilian.

The open sicilan ( 2. Nf6, ... 3. d4, cxd4; 4 Nxd4) is objectivly the strongest, but it is also extremally difficult. The play is razor-sharp and black will cut the unprepered to ribbons.


The traditional hint for beginners is to play the closed sicilian with Nc3, Nf6, g3 Bg3, castling short.  Closed is clearly sound, and it leads to very safe positions. Middle game plans are quite complex, the position can be quite dull ( unless a king indian -like pawn storms starts), but at lest you will not be crushed.


I play myself the Grand Prix attack. Mostly for the fact it has a very clear and simple plan, one quite  similar to one in vienna game and bishop opening. With it you can either try to crush an unprepered black, or double his pawns and patiently work on undermining and picking them up, while still keeping an option to go for an attack.



Has majed_fakheredeen been here since 2014?

I think it is good
I wasn't going to even respond since it's such an old OP ... but since others seem interested ... IMO 2 c4 is playable, but probably not the best continuation for White. After 2 ... e5 (which Black is not prevented from playing), the position could look quite ugly, dull, and unimaginative, though appears equal. Your goal as White should not be to give Black a road to easy equality.



2 Nf3 Nc6 is just a normal Sicilian move order. Other valid responses to 2 Nf3 are 2 ... d6, 2 ... e6, and 2 ... g6.
2 ... a6 is also playable, though somewhat weaker, since then 3 c4 (or even 3 c3) would actually be a good reply.