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Black opening vs. d4 in the likes of Scandinavian ?

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    Hello Chessers,

    is there a similar opening like the Scandinavian against d4 for black with similar characterization (aggressive, swift, refreshing, good options for attacking possibilities for black) ?

    Though I am on beginner level I feel a little more comfortably with more open and aggressive responses as black vs. white.

    Okay, I know it should be not 1st agenda for a beginner to study openings - but I am just curious out of interest.

    Any suggestions would be nice :-)

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    The Scandinavian is a good opening for beginners. Unfortunately, there's no response to 1. d4 that's quite like it. The slav though (which I use in my games) provides a similar pawn structure and is also one of the most solid openings. 


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