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David Rudel's Zuke 'Em and the Zukertort-Phoenix Attack

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    EvergreenStallion wrote:
     can u give me some books of lakdawala where he advocates the phoenix

    The Colle: Move by Move.

    First Steps: the Colle and London Systems.


    Neither book is as detailed or comprehensive as Rudel's coverage of the opening.


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    EvergreenStallion wrote:

    ah googled it rubinstein = colle-zukertort teewoi.. anyways 8...Bxc5 is somewhat forced how come it has a name? lol


    Yeah, sorry, actually Colle System: Rubinstein Opening: Bogoljubov Defense is 7....O-O. U called it Main Line. wink.png The position after 8...Bxc5 appeared first in this old Von Scheve-Zukertort  (1887) game:



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