Defences' Solidity/Agressiveness

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    Thank you, finalunpurez and transpo.

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    So how do you explain why Fischer and Tal always opened with e4 and chose the sicilian and the kid? Or why did Petrosian go for d4 and the french and Karpov for the caro-kann?

    Was it random, I mean, it just happened to be like that? You really think it has nothing to do with style/character of the openings?

    Also, at least do you agree that some openings are more dynamic than others?

    Anybody else agrees with pfren or is it just me that doesn't buy it?

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    Ok, not "always" but "almost always". As to Karpov, it's true he played just a bit more e5 than c6, but he played way more caro-kanns than sicilians for sure. Now that's not a fact, is it?...

    Don't get it personaly with the "I don't buy it" thing. I'm portuguese, and to me that just means "I don't agree with you".

    I believe you got my point (you did, right?), but once again you skiped my question. Is there a specific reason behind that? Or will you skip this one again?

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    And you don't think certain openings are based on certain ideas/themes that fit aggressive players more than others? Come on man, you're hard to crack!

    Let me try a different route perhaps: of the world champions, which do you consider aggressive?

    And by the way, what's your database? Are you sure the Karpov you are refering is Anatoly Karpov and not all the Karpovs there?

    Good night

    (PS: I'm curious to see which questions you will skip... I bet all of them...)

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    I give up too...

    I subscribe every single word you said to yourself... except for the escudos part.

    But for the record I believe I was the one who kept asking questions, which to me indicates that "I don't know it all", and you the one who (arrogantly, imho) kept to yourself the "righteous" answers and "facts" and despised me in the end.

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    At least it seems I was right, you only answer those questions that doesn't question yourself...

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    Although the Sicilian is regarded as aggressive and the Caro-Kann as more solid, I believe there was a quote from Tal where he said if you must play for a draw, play the Sicilian and if you must play for a win play the Caro-Kann.

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    It all depends on the player playing the opening! 

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