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Dunst opening (Nc3) vs the Scandinavian

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    Do you think White has a chance to get an advantage from this position?

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    White can play c3 and get an extra centre pawn. So yes, he has decent chances. 

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    This is a real variation, forgot what it's called.  White gets attacking chances on the kingside.

    (Oh lol it's in the title, yeah the dunst).

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    2...dxe4 seems better as Black doesn't have to entomb his light-square bishop but 2...d4 is definitely a line too

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    I fail to see how playing 2...d4 entombs any of black's pieces.

    I've only seen this online, never bothered to look it up.  Seems I've been giving white more of an attack than necessary.

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    I was wondering when somebody was gonna say that.

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    wafflemaster I was referring to 2...e6

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    @ Expertise
    Oh, sorry, I misread powerlevel's post.  I thought he was saying "why would I play..." so I thought you were talking to the OP.

    Yeah, e6 is completely unambitious.  If white wants to hand over the first move advantage, why would you hand it right back?

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    Thank you guys . I wanted something to force the Scandinavians away from their boring routines (c6,e6, Bf5 etc,etc...  ) but the problem is that the Scandinavian is damn forcing (2: e5 is crap and the BD gambit is risky at least as far as I know).

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    On Wikipedia there is this description:

    "White's most common response to 1...d5 is 2.e4. This is the same position as 1.e4 d5 2.Nc3, an obscure branch of the Scandinavian Defense. Black has five plausible responses to 2.e4: 2...e6 and 2...c6 transpose to the French and Caro-Kann Defenses, and 2...Nf6 to a variation of Alekhine's Defence. The move 2...d4 gives Black a spatial advantage, which White may work to undermine along the lines of hypermodernism. Keilhack writes, "2...d4 is chosen either by somewhat naive players who are attracted by the fact that Black wins time and space ... or by strong players who are aware of the strategic risks but are striving for a complex battle."

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    Over the last six years, the sequence 1 Nc3 d5  2 e4 d4  3 Nce2 e5  4 Ng3 Be6 scores 86% for Black, Black over-performs their rating by 300 points.  Now, it is rarely played so the stats aren't definitive, but they aren't pretty either.

    Why would White enter such a ridiculous line:  he has voluntarily given Black a strong pawn center that cannot be easily attacked, a relatively easy and flexible development, while in the process making three moves to get his Knight to the ineffective g3 square. 

    There are many e4 & d4 lines where White can just opt for a simple equality by not pushing for advantage, who in their right mind would willingly enter such an awful position?

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    "Why would White enter such a ridiculous line" ? That's what I want to know. Why, as white, choose a line that hands the initiative over to black almost immediately? Then you spend most of the rest of the game trying to dig yourself out of the hole you've gotten yourself into.....

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    Actually Black can insist on playing the Scandinavian unless White plays something else than Nc3 ...


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