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Envented a new opening-how do I get credit 4 it?

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    I call it the 1/2 ponziani scheme.  1. e4  e5  2. c3!  Going after the center right away! Here is my analysis:

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    needs more a&h pawn action.

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    Who is this Macleod person?? I'll bet he did not analzye these positions as well as I!!

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    Well, if it is not required to get any certain result... 

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    ..... whats up with everyone inventing openings? 

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    We need a new meme.

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    and 1. e4  e5  2. c3  Qh4!  3.f3 defending the e pawn does not seem to work very well!  Frown  I think you may have ruined my day  unless someone can come up with a good response to 2. ...Qh4!

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    Heh, almost got me :p

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    Why worry about 2...Qh4, when nobody has found a decent reply to 2...Nf6?

    ...Qh4 is not "The critical reply."

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    This opening already exists.

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    1. e4 e5 2. c3 Qh4 3. d3

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    I could play d4 in the middle game. d3 will do for now. 

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    finalunpurez wrote:

    I could play d4 in the middle game. d3 will do for now. 

    I agree, because Qh4 is not necessarily the best square for the queen either.

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    Which is why 2...Nf6 makes this opening look silly. It forces 3. d3, with black playing a useful developing move, instead of Qh4

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    ask google!

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