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Establishing Parham Theory

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    Ok, since there has been intense discussion of the Parham for a few months now, and no good  defences have been found, I think it is about time for us to establish official Parham thoery. I'll attempt to list all of the moves so far in the Parham theorybooks:

    Time for some general rules of the Parham. These apply to above:

    1. If black has played Nc6, and you aren't threatening mate with your next move, Ne2 (or Nf3 if there is no Queen there) is the correct move.

    2. If black has played d6, and you aren't threatening mate with your next move, h3 is the correct move.

    3. Play Nbc3 before d3 in the mainline, so you have more center control.

    This theory should allow everybody to play the Parham well, and experience good gameplay and wins just as I have had with this. I think this officially establishes the Parham as a powerful opening, and is just as good as others like the Scotch or Ruy.

    EDIT: Chess.com locked both conspiracy threads, so it has been proven that the chess.com staff discriminate and ban the people who play the Parham Attack.

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    I can't stand of this parham opening can you guys make a group and spam there ?

    You deserve this

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    I know you're a little dumb, but the one on bottom is WHITE, not BLACK.

  • #4

    So we're agreed, the Parham is valid?

  • #5

    Actually he can just play Bb3 and be fine, while black is ruining his own position.

  • #6

    1.e4 e5 2.qh5?? ke7!!

  • #7

    Yes then Ba4, we've been over this before...

  • #8

    What if black decides on 1...c5. Are you still going to play Qh5. What if white plays 1...g6, would still play Qh5.

  • #9

    No, this is about the Parham attack, which is defined by the moves 1. e4 e5 2. Qh5. I like to play 2... Nc6 against the sicilian, and against 1...g6 i like to play move 2. d4.

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    And white can take control of the center with d4, he can kick black's knight back to a6, both of black's bishops are useless, and he's going to have to survive white's attack too.

  • #11

    Sorry I mean what if black plays 1...g6, what is your move

  • #12

    Do you mean 2.Nc3 against the Sicilian

  • #13

    I was assuming you were playing c6, but in that case I'd carry on as usual with attack.

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    On the lines you mentioned I don't think white has a huge advantage, proberbly a equal game. What was your line against 3....Qe7

  • #15

    And yes, 2. Nc3 against sicilian.

  • #16

    Check the board for 3...Qe7

  • #17

    ok I'll be specific 

  • #18

    That's where Sungolian's Qh4 line can come in, and CS, white can just play normal.

  • #19

    I disagree, black's pieces are almost all useless, white's are much better.

  • #20

    Then why is the Ruy Lopez ok, that's not an attacking opening at all? You all think the Parham is bad if it doesn't give a crushing attack, although almost no opening does.

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