Favorite opening


I was wondering what people think the best openings are. So I’m going to have people give me 5 or less choices, labeled from favorite to least favorite to so I can give a certain amount of points for what level you put it at. I’ll come back here regularly to edit what my data says. I’ll go first- King’s Indian defense, Pirc defense, Italian Game, King’s Indian Attack, Queen’s Indian defense. These listed are not the only options, I will add more as we go.

Queen’s Gambit- 10 points

King’s Indian defense- 9 points

French Defense- 9 points

King’s Indian Attack- 5 points

King’s Gambit- 5 points

Sicilian dragon- 5 points

Scotch Game- 5 points

Pirc defense- 4 points

Panov Attack- 4 points

Italian Game- 3 points

Petroff- 2 points

Polish/Orangutan- 1 point

Queen’s Indian defense- 1 point


queens gambit boi


French Defense

King's Indian Defense

King's Indian Attack

Petroff (or Russian Defense)

Sokolsky (or Polish or Orangutan)


King's Gambit

French Defense 


Sicilian open dragon panov attack 




Let me recommend you something as a Fide Master: if you are beginner start playing simple but clasically correct openings like: Spanish, Italian with White, and e5 with Black. But when you achieve a good level start playing many openings because it will enrich your general strategic understanding! And also try to undersrand the typical plans, ideas, look at the GM games with commentary, it will help you a lot!


wait you're an FM ... ?



Watching grandmaster commentary seems to do nothing for my play, analyzing games helps me more. But I'm still pretty terrible.

The scotch is the only opening where I understand every move. I don't get why the ruy Lopez doesn't just lose a tempo when black pushes a pawn, and it also makes it hard to develop you other bishop just like the Italian. I know it's considered inferior but I am still drawn to the scotch