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    Learning openintheory is rather new to me. I used to always play QGA against 1.d2-d4  2.c2-c4 however, because I realised that I also have to learn openingtheory to improve. I decided to try the Grunfeld this season. I've played it a couple of times OTB and thx to an online database I know the first 10 moves by heart now. How should I continue to improve on this opening?

    For what it matter my OTB rating is 1950. Thx for the advice. Cool

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    ive took a shine to it as well, its all about the central pawn structure, from both white and blacks point of  view, i would just keep playing it, white and black, quoting a chess writer "grunfeld is a opening that illustrates that a central pawn majority can either be a target or battering ram"

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    As white I am actual an e4-player. Smile

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    My advice is to play games by top gm's (specially svidler) to get a feel for the opening. The thing that makes grunfeld difficult to play is that you always have to seek counterplay for the white center. If you fail to find counterplay (till far in the endgame) you lose.

    Svidler is one of the best in getting counterplay in the grunfeld.

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    Thx all. Usefull advice. I will put the games I play in a database. And I will certainly check out Svidler's games. Also I found out Kasparov played the Grünfeld, so I guess I'll have a look at those as well Smile.

    Yesterday, my OTB opponent allowed the transposition from c4 into a Grunfeld, so I was pretty pleased. Here is the opening played:


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