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Hippopotamus Defence

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    wormrose wrote:

    Here is a game for those of you who think the Hippo is weak. Please note who is playing White. Yes, that is Magnus!


    Beautiful! Thanks a lot for sharing this one !! 😊👍👍

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    Carlsen in 2007. What was he playing there?

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    Looks like blitz?


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    Yes, that was played in the World Blitz Championship 2007. I did a Stockfish 4 analysis at depth 20 and it seems White was down by around -1.50/-2.00 for much of the game from making several small inaccuracies until 23.Bc4 which Stockfish gave "??".


    True, Blitz games don't carry the weight of games played by the standard time control. But here are two players rated 2700+ and the Hippo made a good showing. I don't think you can count it out as yet. Time will tell.

    And of course openings don't win games anyway; they just get you to the middlegame.


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