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How do I crush the Alekhine Defense (1.e4 Nf6)??

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    1. d4

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    Below is a system I used OTB to combat the Alekhine.  Objectively it leads to an even game, but it was a position I was very familair with as it could transpose into  variations  I reached with the Pirc, French and Caro-Kan.  I had a very high win rate with it.  Generally c1 is very good square for White's ds-bishop and I kept the Bishop on c1 for as long as possible and often its first move was to sac itself on h6.

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    pfren wrote:
    Adriandmen wrote:
    Maybe there is some way to punish this opening... 

    4.d4 seems good enough for a considerable advantage.

    3...Nb4 is basically a stupid move, which is best punished by being ignored.

    Punishing stupid moves by ignoring them works in many positions. It's great to keep in mind that it's a good option to consider.

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    With the transition to the Vienna game. Vienna is not dull start! Many combination possibilities and very dangerous for untrained start Laughing

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    I've always underestimated the Alekhine defense, until now. Doesn't seem to be easy to win... Frown

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    Adriandmen : Alekhine defense is solidWink

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    Yes, XF11, Yes indeed!! Laughing

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    I'm an over 2100 elo player and I play my whole chesslife the Alekhine with black. I never lose with the Alekhine because all my opponents are not familiar with this opening and they all try the stuff as mentioned above: trying to get an attack just from the opening game.

    That's a trap against a solid player with good knowledge of this opening.

    The Alekhine is an unsound opening because the resulting middlegame is mostley rubbish. So play the normal highways of this opening into the middlegame: the problem there is that black gets a lack of space for his pieces because he has too little a place for them. It's there in the middlegame you can strangle your opponent.

    In the contrary the endgames are mostley good for black, because the black position normally has no weaknesses.

    So develop your pieces, make the normal moves with the pawns and wait what the middlegame you will bring.You will not be disappointed.

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    Thank you Wiebelenstra. Never knew that you shouldn't try to get an attack from the opening. Thanks a lot in advance,

    ~~ Adriandmen ~~ Cool

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    Well, I think I found the answer to a good preparation for the Alekhine Defence. Thank you all for helping me Wink.

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    many books recommend the exchange voronezh variation, see https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alekhine%27s_Defence section on variations.

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    I like this System. NOTE: there is no known refutation to any opening.


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