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How hard is it to learn the sicilian

  • #1

    If i wanted to pick up the najdorf or dragon how hard would it really be?

  • #2

    How well do you want to play?

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    Well, you should give the Najdorf a go. You can choose simpler lines if you want less theory.

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    You should pick the dragon.   The Najdorf relies on long forced variations and the first one to vary from theory loses.  Often natural looking moves lead to a disaster.   The dragon is easier for Black to play than for White.  You need to know a few themes (like the exchange sacrifice on c3).  If you don't remember the book move, you can follow general themes in the Dragon.  Leave the Najdorf to the professionals.

  • #5

    Every Sicilian variation has tons of long lines to memorize. Look at a bunch of them and figure which ones look like something you'd want to play 30-50 moves in.

  • #6

    It is very difficult to learn how to play a big opening.

  • #7

    Just learn to play chess.

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    If you're into memorizing, there are long lines that can be memorized.  But, at OPs level there is no point memorization,  since your opponent won't remember past move 10. 

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    How hard is it to learn the sicilian

    If your opponent plays it often & knows the lines well then it is quite hard !

    But if you like to respond to e4 in different ways then you have to learn the sicilian do you not ?

    The najdorf can be very complicated but loads of people choose the dragon as black.


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