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how to win in chess in only 2 moves

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    how to beat a game of chess in 2 moves....
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    domecraft wrote:


    how to beat a game of chess in 2 moves....


    How to beat a game of life in 2 moves. Birth, Death

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    it's pretty simple, make your king vulnerable by moving the pawn next to him, you move your pawn so your queen can get out, guy moves pawn 2 spaces, you move your queen to the corner

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    rainbow, looks like you're the troll for putting that.Laughing

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    anyway, bump again.

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    sorry about the bumps, guysFrown

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    bumpity bump

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    strateg wrote:


     what the..... why'd you put that?

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    The only way to defeat your oponent in 2 moves is by paying him.

    Better start saving!

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    Well know, it's called "fool's mate" because only a fool would fall for it after seeing how it is done.
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