I don't know if it good.


I don’t think it’s good cuz the pawn on c3 blocks the knight and the black bishop has no squares

Maybe learn a bit about the london/colle system (although its boring and repetitive imo). There is no rush to play pawn c3, so just don't play it until after black plays c5, the pawn isn't needed to defend d4 yet so it's just blocking your knight.


No, if you play c3 e3 and d4 like that, you need the light square bishop to occupy the weak light squares that you've created with those moves, and playing bb5 and looking to trade the bishop is a direct assault on that principle


theoretically bad because knight has not much place and dark bishop is trapped


It is all good up to Bb5. This is your good bishop, not on the color of your pawns, so you should cherish it. Here is a game with the Colle system: 


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With c3 and d4 played, 2...Nc6 makes zero sense.  Black should either play ...c5 before developing the Knight, or go to d7 to promote ...c5 or ...e5.

Black's play makes no sense against White's inferior opening moves.


Probably best is 2...c5.


An easy way to understand whether an opening is good or not is to ask yourself how you're going to make all of your pieces happy. After e3, you can already see that your own Bc1 is caged in with no future. Now e3 does happen sometimes in 1. d4, d5; 2. c4 openings, most notably in some Slav lines, but that's because white puts all of his efforts on getting the move e3-e4 in at an early opportunity. That way the pawn will be out of the way and Bc1 will find a better square again. In this line, playing for e4 will be difficult, cause you can't develop Nb1-c3 to help get that e4 move in. And playing Bd3 instead of Bb5, while better, also won't help get you that e4 move in, cause you don't want to trade a bishop for a knight. So if you really want to play this d4-c3-e3 setup (and I see no reason to play like this to be honest, it doesn't take full advantage of you being white), you'd want to also play 0-0, Nbd2, Bd3, maybe Re1 and then play for e4, before developing your other pieces. Only that way you Bc1 will become happier. 

That all being said, Nc6 is not a very logical move by black after 2. c3, as black would usually want to challenge white's center with a move like ...c5 in the near future.