Is Ben Finegold as big a jerk as he seems in his videos?


I have met Ben.

He is far worse in person, than in his videos.

Much, much worse.

jamaltraub wrote:

Not surprisingly, Ben is a very polarizing lecturer.

For me... when I watched one video of him, I found his abrasive teaching style to be offensive and disorienting at first. But I watched another video, and tried to place myself in the classroom with him.  The video I watched was "Beating Lower Rated Players: Beginner Beatdown". And my mind is changed; he engages and challenges his students. This is more than can be said for many teachers.

Also, maybe it's just my competitive nature, but instantly you feel the desire to beat him. The put-downs stoke some students' competitive fires. So maybe he's not for every student, but I appreciate his engaging & flamboyant teaching methods.

Meh, he's more entertaining than he is instructive.

He makes some random jokes about a move instead of explaining it.

Sure, I've laughed while watching his videos, but have I learned?


I learned which premoves work in 30 second chess.


I go to agadmator's channel to learn (since returning to chess in the past month). But Grandmaster Finegold has been very helpful too. Just from the few videos I've watched. The instruction does come thru, people. I don't know why some people seem to think he's just up there doing stand-up.


I'm too lazy and old to truly study up on this game in any serious way, so if I watch a chess video, it is usually one of Finegold's, since they are insanely hilarious.

Lyudmil_Tsvetkov wrote:
eyeplaychessbad wrote:

I think he's extremely funny - yes, I could see being put off by some of his comments ("why don't you make more noise?")...but overall he anlayzes each position well and the humor helps.

The humour is exhilarating.

Interestingly, some players play better the noisier the conditions.

Lots of contradictions here.


It is not a contradiction.  the "noise" comment was a quote from Ben when he was making fun of some people who were being loud... he said "why don't you make some more noise?"  I thought it was funny, but some people think it is rude.  Those people are verrrrry suspicious.


I'm trying to decide which would be a better ringtone:

agadmator's      "Hello, Everyone!  or
Ben Finegold's  "Very Suspicious"


given the people who call, I might favor the latter.