Is QGA a good opening for black?

BestSell wrote:

Super GMs still play it. Though it's certainly less fashionable, as 1...Nf6 is by far the more flexible response to 1.d4.

This QGA game was played a few months ago. I found it quite interesting.

Black refrained from playing the standard ...c5 push, allowed White an unchallenged classical center, and treated the resulting position more like a Caro-Kann.

I like the ideas/lines that are close to this.

9.e5 was something I hadn't seen, would 10.Be2 be another option?

12.g4 maybe the start downhill?

The move choice at 15... escapes me how well it works out:



I like the QGA because it often simplifies into a minor piece endgame that tends to frustrate players online. As long as black is careful, the position is about equal after the queens are gone. 

Black can avoid castling once the queens are traded in some cases, leaving the king closer to the center because white tends to castle early. So that can be one advantage. 



The whole point is flexibility within the variation. In the classical its harder to play for a win as black. Its also hard to win as white. But if you need to play for a win you can go for the Alekhine line a6, which by the way has in practice killed the classical at top level( Grishuk - Svidler), or the Janowski line Bg4. This line is often a pawn sac but with full compensation according to engines (stockfish 12). Against 3 e4 both pawn advances seem to be in trouble lately....3....e5 or 3...c5. But Nc6 and Nf6 are doing fine. BTw i am 2050 Fide .


The only reason I don't play the QGA is that it's harder to win. Now it's the QGD and my old faithful, the Modern Benoni again.


What line of the QGD? I play the Ragozin occasionally. Ai dropped the Benoni due the bad endings with a very bad bishop on g7. I had the impression to play with a "knife on the teeth "to  survive


It's been so long since I played the QGD ... I played the Modern Benoni for years but my results with it started to slip.

Tartakower. h6 and then b6.


i see. Super solid line


Yes. I play d4 c4 as white and I like playing against the ragizin but I don't know theory for it. Neither do I know Tartakower theory and at a high level I wouldn't be too sure of myself. I tend towards an earlyish dc compared with main lines.