Is QGD Best for Post-Beginner to Learn?


It's also a good opening happy.png

Godsoriginalfool wrote:

I don't mean to go OFF TOPIC but I read the title as GOD (I am fully dislexic) and came here to tell you religious topics are not allowed in the main fora. Laughing. 


As far as the take is a mistake. 

To take the pawn is not a mistake, but trying to keep the pawn is one of the most common ways beginners blunder in the QGA.


The best way to win will be block other pieces to move by using pawn


In the middle of the game try exchanging pieces


In the end of the game, move your king towards center


I think the best for post beginner is to leran whatever defense appeal to them. As long as it is not some joke/trash defense like englund gambit (1.d4 e5) or polish defense (1.d4 b5).

When you see some games played with an opening you like the positions of, learn it and play it.

Am I alone in this opinion.

Also way to learn an opening in my opinion is to learn the typical strcutures, ideas and plans of the opening first, only later learn theoritical moves. A method a vast majority of openings books unfortunately do not use.