is the Grunfeld for intermediates?


It's very useful, bearing in mind the winning margin in the middlegame/opening phase hovers around 50 centipawns or so.

This in turn means +70 centipawns does happen to be a winning position.

Don't you know what a full pawn advantage is?

Don't you know the two bishops are worth 50 centipawns, half a pawn on average?

Don't you know a doubled or backward pawn are penalised approximately by some 25 centipawns or quarter of a pawn's material?

All that knowledge is mentioned in a lot of books.

From there, if you spot you hold the bishop pair, while your rival across the gridline "suffers" from a doubled pawn, the addition will sum up to 70 centipawns or so your edge, right?

What's so difficult about that equation or visualising it?

Everybody does so subconsciously, just that some gamers know more patterns, and more accurate assessments.

Lyudmil_Tsvetkov wrote:

Unless you are Fischer or Kasparov, forget all about the Gruenfeld.

This opening is weak, it scores very badly at top engine 3300 level competition, white wins too many games, better learn and play the KID, which is much sounder.

Kasparov and Fischer played the Gruenfeld, but just rarely. they both preferred the KID.


I cannot find the opening statistics on the Grunfeld at 3300 engine level competition. Do you have a link or something to these statistics?

Lyudmil_Tsvetkov wrote:


Concerning the Grunfeld, well, top engine competitions at the 3300 level exhibit 85% score in favour of white - only white wins with some draws in the mix.

Draw the conclusion yourselves.

The opening is very suitable for engines, please note, as of relatively open character.

The Classical Variation, building a strong pawn center, grants white huge advantage.

It's patterns at play again, rather than concrete variations.

More on the Grunfeld also in my new book, lol.




Do you have a link for this statistic?


If someone find the Gruenfeld  Defense to his liking, play it! Why wait rising to some ELO happy.png I lose because my opponent is a better player not because the Gruenfeld is a weak opening happy.png This applies to most openings.