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Is the Main line of the Fried Liver wrong?

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    Polar_Bear wrote:

    On top of that, Pfren tells a lie when he makes excuses about centaur DB. It looks reasonable, but it cannot be true.

    That's too little or too much.

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    As much as I dislike the dogmatic waffle that Phren uses AT TIMES, I am afraid I dislike the constant meaningless computer complied nonsense of Sloughterchess even more.

    The problem is that this thread is based upon the supposition that any quarter serious player who plays the 2 Knights would be in their right mind to play 5...Nxd5. Really??

    No matter how many times you jam a line through one of Chessbase's binary demons or drop names of players, people will always trust the centuries of practice of any opening over the internittent use of a chess engine by a clearly crazy person over a few decades.



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    Back on-topic.

    From practical viewpoint, Lolli is better than Fried Liver, because it gives white better game without risk. Fried Liver may be good, but if black knows theory and defends accurately, white struggles to maintain compensation for sacrificed piece.

    My advice would be: scrap it altogether. As black, just employ Traxler or do not re-take on d5. If you want to avoid heavily theory-infested lines, play Petrov, Italian or Hungarian defence. As white, learn both, Ruy and King's Gambit. Ruy is basic stone for white's 1. e4 repertoire, it shouldn't be avoided and fully replaced neither with Italian or Scotch, because it is necessary for learning slower, positional play.

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    What is your problem with IM Pfren? I know him long time now on this forum and his comments were mostly very generous and helpfull.

    @Pfren : Just let them talk and dont listen to those haters! :)

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    Well... can we come back on topic?

    About the Lolli: 6.d4! Nxd4! (the one and only good reply) 7.c3 b5 8.Bxd5 Qxd5 9.f3! c5 10.cd4 (this is played to be able to redeploy the knight at e2. However, given the brilliant reply from FirebrabdX, white may well be better with 10.0-0!- when more analysis is needed. I believe that this is white's best try for an advantage, but I may well be wrong) 10...cd4 11.Nc3 Qc4 12.Ne2 d3!! (brilliant reply, and definitely NOT a computer's first choice) when Black seems able to hold his own, with accurate play. See my corr. game with FirebrandX, where with precise, active play, he was able to draw.


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