Is there a universal opening against d4.


There is no "universal" opening against d4. There are several popular openings. On of the most popular (according to opening explorer) is Nf6. As it happens, I almost always play this. 

Check out opening explorer for other options, or any decent chess openings book. happy.png

Susik_Gaboyan Benko is the best.


I play the Tarrasch Defense often. Against 1 c4 I respond with 1...e6 and my opponents always eventually play d4, transposing it into the Tarrasch Defense. I can't think of one time they haven't. 

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as black against d4? KID setup. Whether or not you can play that setup is a whole nother matter.

Thanks I will look into KID against d4.


It depends on what kind of positions you like to play. Do you like sharp or positional games?