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Opening popularity pie chart

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    Hooray statistics! I'm working on something about popular opening lines but I just thought I'd post this. Numbers are great, but graphs are even better. Enjoy!

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    how about na3 sodium attack?

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    nice but i still prefer d4 :L

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    I thought about including the percentages. Maybe I'll add to this post in a few days since I see that my graph was not for nought. And promotedpawn, I'm sure you know very well I had to exclude many openings (like Na3) because they don't represent a slice that is visible. Although I did consider adding a "junk drawer" slice of other openings including the incredible Nh3!

    Anyhow, I made this graph since I think people feel that e4 and d4 are equal in popularity, and also the importance of learning to deal with c4 and nf3.

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    Wooohoo!  Represent the 1.e4!


    I believe the statistics, but I'll believe them even more when you tell me your source.Smile

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    that graph is so right i have seen so many people make the move e4


    thanks for the graph dude its great

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    Ok sorry I really should post the source. It is the chessgames.com expolorer. I believe it is similar to the chess.com one, but chess.com I think has more games. The stats should match up though.

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    Ok. Another lunch break, another graph. This one should be self explanatory. Also don't overlook transpositions. Enjoy!

    chessgames.com opening explorer

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    Cite your Source!

  • #10

    go purple side(of the first chart)!!!

  • #11

    d4 FTFW!!!

  • #12

    Mmmmmmmm....  Pie.....

  • #13

    d4 FTFW!!!

  • #14

    If you just put the oepning names (for example, on your 2nd chart, instea of 1. e5 c5...blah just put OPEN SICILIAN or CLOSED SICILIAN)

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    Go d4!

  • #16

    You'll want to include an "other" category on both of these graphs, so people can see how common the openings are in general. Otherwise you're just looking at how relatively common the openings are among this selected list.

    (I'm an epidemiologist and work with statistics every day. Just my two cents.)

  • #17

    very cool, i see my choice is little used and the reason I like it so much ;)

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    Realtime tool that displays historical comparison of oppenings by popularity:



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