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    I like playing the Dragon against 1.e4. I like the sharpness of the variations and the tactical themes that come with it. What would be a nice opening(system) for me against 1.d4?


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    well both the KID and the grunfeld feature a kingside fiancetto, both are highly tactical so that might suit you. both are however, highly theoretical and very dangerous for both players.

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    Ben-Oni or Grünfeld come to mind.

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    I like the Dutch, and there are some things you need to know about it:

    1.d4,f5 2.Nf3 is white telegraphing (ironic given that the point of 2.Nf3 is a wait and see developing move) that he's going for an anti-Dutch, and unlike the Sicilian the anti-Dutches are far more dangerous than the mainlines.  2...g6?! and white has 3.h4!,Nf6 (anticipating h5) 4.h5,Nxh5 5.Rxh5!,gxh5 and black needs to find another plan. 

    The bright side to 2.Nf3 is the Manhattan Gambit is off the table, but if white feels like he can steer back into mainlines with 3.c4, but by then you'd probably commit to 2...e6 anyway to avoid the h4 variation. 

    The Leningrad Dutch has a few things going for it:

    1.Kingside fianchetto (usually on both sides in the mainlines)

    2.The f5 idea in the KID is already achieved.

    3.The open f7 and g7 diagonals mean that a king on g8 or h8 have a fast route to the center.

    4. ...a5 and ...Na6 are book (...a5 to prevent b4 and ...Na6 to jump to c5 and watch over e6.)

    5.Queen goes to e8 (with the idea of pushing e5, though white can do annoying knight moves to target the weakened c7 these ideas usually backfire on him)

    6.Black gets a good kingside attack.

    7.An opening that usually goes for the full point. 

    The Queen's Indian isn't usually sharp, but I'd still recommend it as good moves are usually natural and it strives for active play. 

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    If you like the Sicilian dragon against 1 e4 then try the Grunfeld against 1 d4, its hyper modern, sharp, tactical & fun

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    The Grunfeld is an interesting opening, but White can play everything against it.

    The Semi-Slav (Noteboom) seems to be interesting, too.

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    Foenixx wrote:

    The Grunfeld is an interesting opening, but White can play everything against it.

    The Semi-Slav (Noteboom) seems to be interesting, too.

    Yeah, there's lots of good choices, just a matter of picking one that suits your personal style I guess

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    Hi everyone,

    Thanks for all the suggestions. I've tried out some of them and i've chosen the Grunfeld!

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    I'm so glad to hear you chose the Grunfeld, ultimateichigo.  It will bring you good results as well as happiness.

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