Opening theory and engines are ruining the game.

KowalskiAnnalysis wrote:

You are telling dumb chess retards to think. Mate, this sport was ruined before we were even born. Theory makes chess a memory game rather than a skill game. It is garbage. Absolute, utter, garbage.


So why are you here?


If you don't want to study opening theory, play Chess 960. I enjoy both Chess 960 and studying zOpening Theory.


The skills required for top level chess are changing.

Is this unusual?

mpaetz wrote:

This discussion is pretty much irrelevant for anyone below IM level--your opponents have not memorized all the lines in their openings 20 moves deep, and won't know how to proceed when you get out of the book. One way to avoid the engines' influence is to play some old lines that no one studies anymore as the give the opponent a slight advantage. That will be offset by the fact that you will understand the line while your opponent will be trying to figure how the engine would respond. They are unlikely to succeed.

Actually this applies to every level.

Have you not been watching how Magnus has won in the last decade? When it's crucial in a tournament or a match... either he's played a off beat line or he played an opening he is not noted for (and played an off beat line in that too)

When is the last time Carlsen pulled an advantage in the opening phase? Not as many as one would think... When is the last time he reach a line where Black had equality and he went on to win by out playing his opponent? More times than anyone else currently playing chess... hence the Goat tag to his name.


This is a kind of World War 3 but for chess


I propose professional chess players play the opening similar to engine games Perfect zOpening Book can made the first,8 to,,12 moves then the players continue.


I think opening theory and engines work well if you understand the moves alongside memorising them

blueemu wrote:

The skills required for top level chess are changing.

Are they, though?

A top player don't have to be a computer expert if he has some second who is. And all other required skills remain mostly the same.

The_Artist_of_Chess wrote:

Chess is a game where you use your head. You choose your moves. It builds your skill, and you get better. That’s the way it as played since the game existed. Then, engines came along. Modern grandmasters don’t even think for themselves. Most grandmaster games are just the result of memorizing piles of theory and engine analysis and then working through an endgame, until they enter a position which has been pre-solved by- you guessed it- an engine. An absolute beginner who just learned how to move the pieces uses more brainpower than these sleep-deprived zombies. Bobby Fischer was right. Prodigies which have so much potential are overshadowed by those who study with engines and opening theory. If they do prevail, they became slave to this new social construct, and lose all of their prodigal traits because they just play off of an engine.

Now, we have established that the professional field of chess has been completely corrupted by engines to the point where half of the entire game is dictated by engines. But now, it’s seeping into the beginner level. Scumbags like GothamChess are encouraging beginners to play the opening off of theory. Why? Why not just play the opening off of principles? You are a beginner. Playing off of basics is the best you can do. Opening theory is encouraging you to abandon your intuition and repeat engine moves. This is a bad habit disguised as a revolutionizing opportunity and everyone’s falling for it.

Solving the game of chess is removing the beauty of the game. The game was so much more fascinating in the 1800’s, where even top players made mistakes, blundered, and made a beautiful, revolutionizing comeback. Now, almost everything is a forced draw at the top level. It must be torturous to play at the top level.

Even I used to be a slave to this opening theory BS. Clearly, I am no longer.

Drop your Ruy Lopez, drop your Sicilian. Play whatever builds your skill. Players now take months to barely improve because they won’t build their intuition and skill. They waste their time memorizing openings instead of simply using their opening’s ideas and utilize tactical and positional concepts instead. You can simplify your chess. You just have to do it right.

Grandmasters and masters and experts do 'think for themselves' on the chessboard.
If they didn't or weren't - they wouldn't reach those levels.
To play openings well - and openings are the most 'unsolved' part of the game - strong players need a good grasp of the 'solved' including basic checkmate positions - basic endings - basic tactics - and a good grasp and ability of navigating from the unsolved to the solved including through unfamiliar territory.


Have you read.a chess book, forum, DVD, or some other source of intelligence about chess that made you better? Congratulations, you have done the same thing, acquiring knowledge from another source and Utilised it in your own games.