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Other names for Scholar's Mate and Herkomst Herdersmat

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    Everybody knows the Fool's Mate or Scholar's Mate, and I am curious to learn the other, different names for this opening in various languages ( plus English translation please).

    In the Netherlands we name it the Herdersmat, or Shepherd's Mate, I am searching for the origin or source for years already, but could not find it; perhaps a DUTCHMAN can help me !

    How do they call it in Flemish or South-African Dutch ?

    I hope tens of names will be brought out !     Thanks !

  • #2

    Scholar's Mate has been mistakenly callled Fool's Mate, but they are two different openings.

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    Yeah, I think "Fool's Mate" is what the Dutch call "Narrenmat".

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    Herdersmat/Scholar's mate:


    If I understand correctly it's also called Herdersmat if the move order is different or black even plays other moves, as long as the mate is done by Qf7 supported by Bc4

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    Fool's Mate/Narrenmat(?):

    Move order doesn't matter for either Fool's Mate or Scholar's Mate.

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    Edward Winter (Chess Notes 7986) mentions the Oxford English Dictionary as finding Fool's Mate in a text of 1618. J. Barbier, Saul's Famous Game Chesse-play.


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