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parham attack

  • #141

    Actually, he specifically plays Matrix Chess, and has a 2000+ rating, I think that shows for something...

  • #142

    there is such thing as a rating floor, he would have dropped below it, had it not been for it

  • #143

    Yes, but you don't reach a master level w/o being pretty good, so his matrix system obviously works.

  • #144

    errr sure but the question is did he play it while  he was a master? and did it actually limit him? clearly he hasnt maintained that level for almost 20 years. He has flat lined his rap;id and otb ratings and cannt drop below which I am sure he would. If you look at his recent stats he is probably closer to 1800-1900 at best. This is probably the result of his insistance to the matrix system. It would be interesting to know what local  masters think of him, honestly.,..

  • #145

    He first saw chess being played in local parks. He noticed whoever got their queen out first usually won. When he went to college, he saw a relationship between vectors and chess. Then he invented the matrix system. He played this his whole chess career, because that is how he learned chess. He also reached a master level, so I'm assuming it works...

  • #146

    whaaa.... You're not a GM. whaaa.... you suck.

  • #147

    you're an 1886, that's like 1700USCF, you're not a chess master, keep dreaming.

  • #148

    Lol this sites ratings are inflated by like 150 points, so 1726. And Bernard Parham would crush you.

  • #149

    We were actually just discussing how Bernard Parham became a chess master by exclusively playing 2. Qh5

  • #150

    I don't think I'm better then chess masters, neither should you :P

  • #151

    Idk, I thought they were both the same system.

  • #152

    no the United States has some quirks

  • #153

    nope just proved it was a razor of an opening.

  • #154

    i know parham is a chessmaster, im one of his students who uses matrix to win

  • #155

    how does it work exactly

  • #156

    Yes, I am interested in this too. I know he uses a version of vector analysis, which involves the queen and supporting pieces. Jetfighter, I recall you saying you're in algebra II, so I doubt you know vectors. They are essentialy a way of plotting line segments, you learn about them in trig. Apart from that, I don't know much about it.

  • #157

    Well vectors themselves are pretty simple, maybe he tried to incorporate them in a more sophisticated way, with linear algebra or something (a class I haven't had, so I don't know).  But it (the class) uses a lot of vectors.

  • #158

    the matrix pattern involves queen and knight together, plus looking at the two and from square of what just moved

  • #159

    I think he was taking college level physics. Eboard, is there a specific formula, is it judgementally based, is there anywhere I can get a detailed description?

  • #160

    So he just wanted it to sound fancy because he happens to have a background in mathematics?  heh.

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