QGD: Tarrasch


I'm growing inpatient with my usuall 1.d4 d5 defence, the QGD Lasker or Tartakower variation, and I want to give the Tarrasch variation a try. Are there any books out who nicely cover this variation? For black preferably, and I wouldn't mind if the book also covered the QGD exchange variation.

I've tried searching online, but I had a hard time finding out just how much attention the various books spended on the Tarrasch variation. Hopefully someone here has some good experience, or has heard something about a suiting book.


Meeting 1. d4 by Jacob Aagaard is quite good.  It's a repertoire book on the Tarrasch and includes deviations from the main lines.



Wow, that's perfect, Jacob Aagaard has a reputation for putting good books out aswell. Thanks mate.


IS this book out of date? it was made in 2002.


By the way @tricklev are there any good books on the lasker/tartakower?


I dunno, I got most of my information from John Watson's Mastering The Chess Openings Volume 2, it covered the ideas, and regular themes in a very instructive manner, it wasn't really a theory tome, but for mild and logical variations as the Lasker one, it's hardly necessary to keep track of the latest move 16 novelty.


Mastering the chess openings volume 2 is a great book though, and I can recomend it to everyone interested in both strategical understanding, aswell as opening.


The Tarrasch Defense isn't played all that much at the GM level, so I suspect the theory hasn't changed so much.  At an advanced level of defensive technique it is hard to make use of black's isolated pawns, but this isn't relevant at a sub-GM or perhaps sub IM level.  A little supplementing with a database in the mainlines should be adequate for most. 


Yea the theory doesn't really progress so quickly as in other, more popular openings. Besides, hardly anyone below master books up on the Tarrasch to a great degree. Usually people just get to the mainline Tabiya and say "oh well now I have easy play against the IQP". For that reason I think the tarrasch is a good choice, underestimated and generally understudied, in my opinion.


It's a good and logical defense, and one every player should learn - it helps in the understanding of some of the most critical positions in chess, the IQP.

If you play it regularly enough to learn the basics, you will have a head start on most White players, who rarely see it.


Hi, I'm planning to use Tarrasch defence and have copy of Meeting 1 d4 by Aagard.   This is a very good book and covers not only the Tarrasch but has defences to other systems after 1 d4 d5 such as Catalan, Trompovsky Hodgson ( 1 d4 d5 2 Bg5), Torre attack, London system, Colle, Richter Versov.  If this isn't enough it covers Reti and English AND less popular moves like 1 b4, 1 b3, 1 g4.

Another good book is Complete Defense to Queen Pawn Openings by Eric Schiller ( Cardoza Publishing).  This is a well laid out book and also covers lines against Torre attack, London system, Colle, Richter Versov and Blackmar Diemer Gambit.