Queens gambit accepted



does anyone know what I have to do here, couldn’t find an answer. I watched some video’s on queens gambit accepted but they don’t speak about this. I guess I’m not seeing it, I’m not high ranked. Thanks in advance!


If you are worried about trying to get back the extra pawn I guess you can go axb5 then Na3 and you can take on c4 next no matter what

I'm thinking: take the b-pawn.  (You'll eventually get the c-pawn).  If black plays Bxb3 then Nf3 forces him to move the B back.  (If black then plays Ba6, he loses his rook when white plays Qf3).  If black's bishop goes anywhere else, you get the pawn back: Bxc4 -- but not rightaway if black put his B on c6, because he can attack g2.  So white plays d5 first.


Samop just play 5 ab5 Bb5 and then you can play 6 Nc3 and you get your pawn back or you can play Bc4


and if black answer with 6...Qd7 you can play 7 Bf7 Kf7 8 Qf3 and you win the rook in the corner☺️




Thank you everyone! 


I like 6. b3 in post #6. The pawn is pinned and can't be defended. 6. ... Qd5 would allow 7. bxc4, Bxc4 8. Qa4 and white is up a piece. I like b3 because it will get rid of my weak b-pawn. At the same time, I guess you could argue that by closing the c-file black's c7 pawn is less weak. But with bxc4 we are getting more control over the center and I don't necessarily want to trade pieces when I have a space advantage.

But I also like 6. Nc3 first to gain a tempo. If black defends the bishop with 6. ... c6, then I play 7. b3. Now after 7. ... cxb3, I play 8. Nxb5, cxb5; 9. Bxb5+ and 10. Qxb3. Now I have gained the bishop pair in an open position and have gotten rid of my only weak pawn on the b-file. I also have the weak a-pawn of black to play against and a lead in development. White is doing very well there.


I'd stop playing chess if I were you.


axb Nc3 and after the bishop moved away you go Bxc4

Edit: in case they defend the bishop with c6 you play b3

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I'd stop playing chess if I were you.


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