Queens gambit accepted, bishop defense



I like playing queen's gambit, I am not a high rated player or anything but I am learning. On tutorials I see a lot of comments with queen's gambit and how they will lose the piece eventually etc etc, what I don't see is any sure fire way to get the piece when the bishop comes out. I have seen it come out as shown above and after pawn to E3, and most of the time i think something up at the time and wing it. can anyone offer any additional advice to play against this?



P.S this is my first post and I apologize if this has been answered before I only had a quick look


4. Ng5 and if Bd5 5. e4   If the bishop doesn't move take it with your knight of course.  In general, there is no way for black to take and hold the pawn in the QGA, white can always get it back at minimum, and most of the time Black gets a lost game in the effort to hold it.  A combination of the moves e3 or e4, a4, b3 , Bxc4,, Qa4+, or Qf3 in some lines does the trick, depending on the move order.  It can get a little tactical, but no way can he hold the pawn.  Now in the Slav or  Semi-Slav with an early c6, Black can hold the pawn in some of the main lines, but that's a different story.


Thanks for the reply, seems a fairly obvious response to the bishop once stated :) I think I will keep my queen's gambit game going for a while and see how I go :)


Craig- I had the exact same question. Seems obvious now. . . as usual!


Ignore the pawn for now, develop in the center, and get your pieces out.  Here is a game with the 3...Be6 variation where I just normally develop and his king is caught in the center.


I like that too, the bishop just interferes with blacks normal development, although he could have moved f6 at some point to give the bishop an escape square and prevent Ng5.


Yeah, 3...Be6 is a horrible move. Don't even bother kicking it with 4.Ng5, as it's more of a handicap for black to have it on that square than somewhere else. Just continue developing as suggested in post #5 with 4.e4 or 4.Nc3.


I was also worried about the same thing, so I put out a challenge for a unrated engine game, which PrawnEatsPrawn graciously accepted. The game is ongoing, but as it's unrated and engine, I'm sure it's OK to comment.

Black is worse, but I think maybe it will be drawn. Whiteis Houdini, and Black Stockfish2.0



Usually I play e4 before Nf3. Get your pieces in the centre and make sure that his pawn needs constant protection.


3...Nf6 4.e3 Be6 is actually quite playable, but 3.Nf3 Be6 looks plain stupid. Existing games do agree: white has a decent 97.1% score after 4.e4.

4.Nc3 should be fine, too.