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Question concerning King's Indian Defense

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    Fisherfan10, you can't really compare the race that occurs after the standard e5 and the position with the exchange on e5 after an early Nc6. In the mainline both sides have all of their pieces left on the board and start pawn storming like there is no tomorrow.

    However after an early Nc6 and exchange on e5, the position has changed and neither side can really go all in after such an exchange, instead the Black players I've met have slowly built up their attack on the kingside while patiently defending their other flank which is now hard to penetrate because of the absence of a c-pawn (e6 will be played). The c-file is nice to have, but still I've struggled to make use of it.

    HappyUngulate: Yes, I can post it, just need to find the paper sheet lol. 

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    Btw, you also avoid any Bayonett attack by playing this way. 

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    Here inlies another problem for Black:

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    This is the game I played vs a FM. I'm sure I stood better at some point but it proofs it isn't as easy to crack as one might think.

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       The two lines are most certainly comparable. You say that neither side can go "all in" after the exchange on e5. I didn't say anything about going all in. My concern was the flow and timing of Black's K-side play as compared to White's Q-side play. In the mainline there is a relative balance between those two factors. This is obvious even from a visual standpoint. 

        In the 6...Nc6!? line by comparison, this flow of time has shifted in White's favor. The resulting structure in the line I gave after 11...Ne8 is similar in respects to a position from the Exchange variation.

    Granted there are important differences, mainly the number of pieces left on the board in the 6...Nc6 lines is greater than in the Exchange variation. All it means is that in the ...Nc6 line Black has compensation for the long-term weakness in his ability to generate dynamic activity. Black's play is a bit slow and if he can't make anything of it then his weakness will eventually tell. I'd say white would have a slight, but long-lasting, plus in the resulting middlegame. Alghough being an avid KID player, I don't hate Black's chances in the least. The Mainline is just gives a more balanced game. 

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    Way to post a random game that has nothing to do with the topic at hand, congrats!  

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    Applefield wrote:

    This is the game I played vs a FM. I'm sure I stood better at some point but it proofs it isn't as easy to crack as one might think.

    Awesome, thank you!

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