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Recommended chess openings

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    Hi I'd like to study chess openings. Could you give me a few suggestions and how I could study them? Thanks

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    The italian as white
    Tarrasch against 1.d4
    Open games against 1.e4

    I suggest you watch a youtube video on each, the videos are ultra basic, but at the moment there is no need for you to learn openings any furthur, the first few moves should be fine.

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    Ok thanks

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    pellik wrote:

    Buy a repertoire book, skim through it, play it for a month, lose badly and blame losses on opening, buy new book.


    This is by far the most popular approach.

    A month you say?

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    Get a diamond membership and start watching the videos on openings from this site. It's a nice introductory course before you dig into books.

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    Learn e4 as white. Against e4 play e5 and against d4 d5. Basic development principles should be fine for someone of your rating. 

    -Fianchetto (USCF 1900)

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    great question. spent a year trying to answer it. not sure if i've progressed frankly as i don't learn well from books. however, the only thing i've done that has really improved my chess playing or at least understanding of chess is doing the tactics trainer on this site. with my membership i get 25 a day, which is just enough. i know this isn't really opening related, but just offering a suggestion for someone wanting to learn more. good luck!!

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    You could try for a quick fix with the videos for today.It is just a trap video.


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    Buy a copy of FCO  Fundamental Chess Openings by Paul van der Sterren.  Use it to figure out where you and/or your opponent got off the beaten track.  Try out your new knowledge; repeat.  Obviously when you analyze your games you're looking for more than opening errors, but FCO will give you solid theory.  Find an opening you want to specialize in?  OK, maybe not likely right now, but eventually then you buy a book on whatever tickles your fancy (and probably never get around to reading).  Access to a database like the Game Explorer here, and there is plenty of free stuff available as well, really makes it so much easier to get a feel for a new opening.  I need more coffee...

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    I'm not looking for any complicated books for GM level players, more like a basic guide to openings. (And tactics)


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