Semi-Slav NOTEBOOM Variation

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    Hey so I watched some videos on the Noteboom variation of the Semi-Slav recently and it seems very interesting-requiring precise play from both sides. Black is trying to push on the queenside while white tries to breakthrough in the center and go for a kingside attack.

    I know that white has the very powerful Marshall Gambit but at the Club player level, I doubt it would be played.

    15.e5 with the idea that if white takes, then Nc5 is strong.

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    I don't see why White commits with 14 Qc2, why not the more flexible 14 0-0 instead?  Not that it so great for White, but seems more logical.  Or also the alternative 11 d5, opening up more for the Bishops. 


    These are fascinating positions because a lot depends on a player's style and personality.  I could take either side but would feel more comfortable with the central pawns.  But others would want the outside pawns for choice, and that's perfectly legitimate, too.

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    In the game by Moro against Aronian in the Tal Memorial Round 5,  Moro went Nd7 first (I think its to let white commit to Nf3 first but I'm not sure) and then f5 where he had an interesting plan of Nh6-Rf6.

    Btw, what should a Triangle system player play against 2.Nf3? I'm assuming 2...e6 or 2...c6. Do you transpose to a Stonewall vs. D-pawn Specials like the colle as well?

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    One word of warning: several years ago I tried to play the Noteboom myself.

    However, in about a dozen slow OTB games I didn't get a single Noteboom game. I've tried 2...c6 and 2...e6, no luck. They would either exchange on d5, play e3, or Nf3 with Qc2, &c. Not a single Noteboom.

    My opponents' ratings were 1800 ... 2300 I'd say.

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    Haha. Well I just played my first game in the Noteboom in a 15 0 game!

    My opponent played the e4 line which is the line people will probably play OTB too. I don't see many exchange variations but if I do whatever I know both the Slav and QGD Exchange variations.

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    The thing I don't like about 2...c6 is that if white plays a Colle, you have to waste a move playing c5. It also seems like playing this vs the Colle can get you into a boring double Stonewall formation.

    But if I know they play this Colle stuff beforehand ill just play Nf6,g6,d5,c5  of course.

    Btw how did I do in the above game?

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    Good point. I was so focused on the Stonewall stuff that I didn't consider Bf5 lol.

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    So against the English, you also play 1. c4 c6? Cause it looks like with this move order you have to learn some Caro Kann variations too.

    I tried 1...e6 and got move ordered into a Catalan >.<

    1.c4 e6 2.g3 d5 3.d4.... oops

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    Just got the Triangle System book by Scherbakov in Ebook format! They are having a promotion where I could get another ebook free with this so I decided to get this anyways with Art of Attack :)

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    This has been an excellent thread to read through. Thanks to you all. 

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