Someone needs to write a book on the Bowlder attack

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    AdorableMogwai wrote:

    Why do you say that final position in the second post looks nice for black?

    Well... I missed the super obvious Qg4 winning the c4 pawn heh.

    But still, what counts in the opening is development and center control.  I just assume black's game will be more comfortable because of these two things. 

    Those are the main points, but also the half open d file and bishop pair is comforting.  Also comforting is white's natural development is very much non threatening.  I'm imagining Nc3 Nf3 d3 Be3 I guess?  Yawn :)  Meanwhile all of black's developing moves come with some purpose.  Nc6-d4 has a threat.  Be6, Bf5 or Bd7-c6 have threats, Rc8 has a threat.

    That's my blitz impression anyway, that I'd rather be black... even more I'd think black's better... but obviously that requires actual analysis not just a gut feeling Tongue Out

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    Could the black bishop go to d4 to defend the pawn? I actually found the guy's comment just now (his username is KlangenFarben and he's rated >2500)

    he says "8. Qg4 Bd4 leaves White lacking in space and initiative."

    It's on move 8 instead of 7 because apparently there's some a-pawn moves that I forgot about. You can find his full comment on the first page of this thread

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    Wow I'm really bad.  I didn't even consider Bd4 (even Qd4) to defend the pawn.

    Yeah, those moves look good too.  In fact I like Qd4 better, trying to have my cake (pawn) and eat it too (castle).

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    Not seen this before. Not sure how solid it is though.

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