The Bongcloud!


i mean i use it when i know i can beat a person and plus who needs castleing anyway cowards

Daniel3 wrote:

This is by FAR the worst opening I have ever seen in my entire life! Your opponent must have been really, really dumb. Everybody knows you shouldn't bring your King into the center of the board in the opening!

I have no words to describe how shaken I am that any self-respecting chess player should think this was a good opening. I'm wasting good typing space...

No, keep typing. It is posts like this that add considerable entertainment value to this opening.


Guys, am I crazy, or 12 Qb3#  -  How does no one notice this?


I tried the Bongcloud for the first time yesterday and was checkmated easily by a 900. The opening may be too sharp for patzers like me. More approachable is the Improved Bongcloud, 1.f3 2.Kf2, which I find perfectly winnable, although I wouldn't play it if my life depended on the outcome.