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The Good Old Four Move Checkmate Attempt

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    KingGregarious wrote:

    I typically don't ignore the early queen because I know 90% of the time the bishop will soon follow.


     Lol...what's the queen going to do bro?

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    The goal of the early Qh5 is to snatch a pawn, usually the e-pawn, and it's very tricky to defend against if a high-level player does this.  You have to ignore the queen altogether, go for a huge lead in development (protecting the pawn plays into their strategy since they'll strangle your piees after that), and soon enough the opposing King will learn why he shouldn't have let his lady wander out alone into a bad neighborhood.  I also don't like "chasing" prematurely-developed queens (such as the Qd5 in the Scandinavian), as they will usually vacate on their own...if they can.

    I play the Center Game and that is predicated around an early development of Qe3.  It's something I think every player should play.

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    Popular Denfense


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    Son! Get some self respect! "I'm a terrible chess player".  That is the most pathetic statement I have ever heard anyone utter here on CC.  Man up! You can (and have) beatenen other players here.  Build on that. Message me you want more. 

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