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the London system the dreaded knight

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    Evilution wrote:
    Expertise87 wrote:

    unfortunately the London system is refuted by 1.d4 d5 2.Nf3 Nf6 3.Bf4 c5! 4.e3 Nc6 5.c3?(system move but it's very dubious) 5...Qb6 and Black is at least slightly better.

    Is that move order mentioned in either Johnsen and Kovacevic's or Lakdawala's London System books?

    It's mentioned in Lakdawala's book who complains that it's unfair that Black has this and recommends avoiding it somehow.

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    erictheshrink let me explain why me and i expect many others do not always  use e4 though their is heavy theory behied it is a opening i played for 3 years straghit from 10 to 13 which is why i took a 2 year break from chess and now am getting back into it. playing the same opening moves each time gets boring, so whats im saying is i do use e4 but the1n again i use d4,g3,nf3,nc3,g3,b3,g4(killer grob),b4,c4 this is why. infact in one of john nuns books he adds about a frenid who did just this he used the same lines in ever games agasint his dad because thats what grandmasters said were the best moves. however i disagree with your comment about the london system being a sissy opening, opening are based on peoples style of play maybe just playing e4 works for you i don't know but it sure dones't for me 

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    Looking at post #1 ...

    (1) The central pawn structure tends to make Black's dark B better than White's dark B, so White should immediately trade on d6.

    (2) f3 can be prepared at leisure to kick the N off e4.

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    dear chessarran8 and Pellik:  I do very much agree that chess is supposed to be fun, and it is not much fun if you play openings that masters advise are solid and mainline, if you dont like them.  On the other hand, i still believe that it is important to find a mainline opening that you can enjoy, even if it involves alot of study.  This is if you are in it for the long haul and have time to study.  Reason is, the lines that are played most often at the top level is because the good players realize they give you the most punch and best chance.  Yes, once in a while the great masters will play the obscure openings for surprise value, but they cant play them often enough because, with study, the masters can easily equalize.  And "easy equalise"  is not acceptable when your playing white, if your serious about the game.  if e4 is not your cup of tea, d4  or c4 or nf3  are very mainline and serious openings that do give white that consistent pull through the game .  Surely one of those will be enjoyable for you.  all in all,  i thankyou for answering my posts, its fun to agree to disagree, isnt it?  and we can learn from each other.  


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