The surprisingly sound Falkbeer counter gambit


The kings gambit has always been an opening I dread playing. I like playing gambits when I'm on the side that is giving up the material. So naturally I play the Falkbeer counter gambit in response to the kings gambit. After a quite a few losses with the counter gambit I was ready to give it up. Most experts consider it to be unsound, but before giving up on it I found some lines not in Modern Chess Openings( at least not in the 14th edition) where black almost equalizes even when whites play accurately. Here's article I found the lines in 


At least in blitz it's quite playable. I played against King's gambit 2. ... Bc5 before, but after I decided to switch to Falkbeer I get better results and more interesting play. 


I think white is disadvantaged since the king is exposed, but I don't know much about this opening.


thinkin bout tryin it


I think this may be a bit too crazy for me...