Thug's Opening

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    When playing white, how about starting e4, then Bc4, and when the opportunity presents itself while black is developing his side, do an immediate bishop attack Bxf7?  This may not be a gentleman's move, but it forces the black king to capture the bishop and lose his castling privilege.  Then white immediately castles with the king's rook and develops from there?  There may be one fewer piece on white's side, but black is left at a positional disadvantage.  I've beaten computer programs this way more often than not, and I used to do this occasionally back in my younger days playing, but I nearly got into fist fights from opponents doing that.  However, I cannot help realizing the times I've won playing this opening.  What do you guys think?  Is it a thug opening, or a unique tactic that may actually work?

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    It sounds like something that will rarely be any good.

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    Well... for my opinion, let me just say...

    I think it's borderline ridiculous. There's no reason for you to give up a Bishop for a pawn and a lack of castling. If Black knows how to play chess, then they shouldn't be too put off by this. It might work in Blitz, but in Long chess, it's not too great.

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    The sacrifice can be good if properly prepared, and most often if the opponent has screwed up. Most of the time it's giving away a pawn and black will do a manual castling, shake your hand and thank you for handing him the win.

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    nuclearturkey wrote:

    It sounds like something that will rarely be any good.

    I would comment, but nuclearturkey always words things so well.  No need to comment beyond his reply.

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    Sounds like something I'd play way back in 2008.

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    Webhead, you're too kind! Smile

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    can you show this in a diagram?

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    Bad strategy. First of all, when you take on f7, you weaken the light squares around the king. But your light square bishop is not on the board anymore, while black has one. Secondly, black can castle by hand easily. Thirdly, if you take Bxf7 you lose a piece. After just several moves you do not have enough piece in play to make such a sacrifice.

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    wow, somebody got trolled by a 3 years old post.

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    My friend does this, and he's 1700 USCF. The problem: he plays it only during blitz.

    So no, this isn't a great one.

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    I like it when people play this against me, in blitz or bullet even. I will say that you have to play carefully if your opponent makes good moves after the sac ... but even then the piece is too much to give up. One the White attack loses steam it becomes a simple win.

    In standard or online chess you had better be playing someone that is just really bad.

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