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Vote - 1 e4 vs 1 d4!

  • #41

    1 hour to go! d4 up 16 to 13, e4 lovers get in those votes to have a chance!

  • #42

    50 minutes remaining, standings still at

    d4 16

    e4 13

  • #43

    okay, this will end exactly 46 minutes from now.


    d4 16

    e4 14

  • #44

    40 minutes! see last post for standings

  • #45

    15 minutes left! 

    d4 16

    e4 14

  • #46

    10 minutes!

    Standings are still 16-14 in d4's favor

  • #47


    d4 is the winner, 16-14!

  • #48

    No !!!

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  • #51

    I have no idea why people are still posting. The contest was closed a day ago.

    Final standings:



  • #52

    1. e3

  • #53

    e4 more quick devolpment harmony and not as boring as d4

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    I vote for 1.e4 but I play 1.d4 myself. Why 1.e4 ? Well with 1.e4 you can press black harder than you can by playing 1.d4. It is more aggressive in its nature but it requires very much from the first player. Great tactical ability and memory. I have played 1.e4 for many years and started off as an 1.e4 player. Fischer fan as I am. But I have come to the conclusion that 1.e4 takes too much work to play. What I first think about is the sicilian defense. If you want to put maximum pressure on black you should choose the open way against it. But the price is too high. The sicilian is a "way of living" even if you only play it as black. Of course you can play 1.e4 in a "light version" with shortcuts like the Grand Prix attack or closed sicilian or the Scotch opening,Giuco Pianno and so on but that is not 1.e4 in its most optimized form.  With 1.d4 or 1.c4 you can finally come to a point where you somewhat feel that you can play its main lines without being a "living encyclopaedia".


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