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What is the best opening move:e4 or d4?

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    1. C4 has the highest win:draw:loss ratio last i checked ;)

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    Yereslov wrote:
    SmyslovFan wrote:
    Yereslov wrote:

    ... 1. d4 is for positional players. 1. e4 is for the tactical.


    Some of the best tactical players of all time start with 1.d4 and some of the best positional players of all time start with 1.e4. Then again, to be good at positional play, one must be strong at tactics.

    False. 1. d4 is more positional due to the fact that you are spending about 10-15 moves developing pawns and pieces with no sign of an immediate attack.

    With 1. e4 the attack can be suddenly unleashed. 1. d4 is much, much slower

    I tried d4 and I don't found any slow in attacking game



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