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What sites, blogs, etc have you found instrumental in researching openings.

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    The purpose of this forum is to save players a considerable amount of time in scouring the internet in an attempt to research an opening so please feel 0free to post your favourite links.

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    If you don't have CB, I'd recommend http://www.shredderchess.com/online-chess/online-databases/opening-database.html

    as a good database - the reason is that the database is compiled ONLY from GM games.  

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    What's the best source for annotated games in a particular opening/ defence that has a wide database per opening?

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    I have found that the games database at chesstempo.com/game-database.html to be extremely flexible and robust. You can quickly analyze many variations and use any part of the games database for analysis (e.g. GM, > 2400, etc.) I haven't found a better tool on the Net. I use it conjunction with Houdini for analysis of different lines. 

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    That keeps coming up consistantly.


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