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Zagreb variation Najdorf

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    Hi happy.png I'm interested in the following line. Does anyone know more about it?


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    The Najdorf Zagreb variation is a popular side line among Grandmasters down the club level players. It would not be difficult find game examples to study on.

    After 6...e5 , 7.Nf3 is not a common move since it block the Bg2 diagonal, so i dont know whats the long term idea with this move.

    More common are 7.Ne2 with the idea to play Bg2-h3-g4-Ng3 and eventually with a timed f4 to attack on the Kingside and the dreadfull 7.Nb3 aiming for Queenside play with Nd5-a4-Be3 e.t.c which is a rather more complicated plan from a positional approach.

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    My idea was that the knight on f3 could keep the option to go to g5 to repel an eventual Be6 or to h4 combined with f4 to attack the kingside if black allows it. Another part of the plan is just to prove that d6 is a fatal weakness and not to play the f4 break; this is, if black plays accurately. In this case the knight might be better placed on f3 because white has more room to manoeuver.

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    ...meanwhile, what you are gonna do with the pressure on your e4 pawn? Black can always play h6! After that where the f3 knight belongs to if it cant jump on g5. 

    I don't know...The Najdorf is very flexible defense to give White so much time to consolidate this move. You will end being stacked on your own discomfort.

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        From what I know  the main reason for 7.Nf3 is Nh4-Nf5.


    Nepomniatchi unleashed an interesting novelty  in the recent world blitz championship.




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    Nice Blitz game! Much wood chopping

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    As a Fischer fan I have to say: ''e4 is best by test''. Why do you think it's garbage?

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    Black should play 7... b5
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