Chess and Coffee in Brooklyn/NYC?


Anyone know of any casual cafe type meetups in Brooklyn, or NYC area? Or is interested in starting one up?


They might have coffee at the pagoda mentioned in the article:


Brooklyn Strategist has a great club! If you are looking for lessons, email me at Also like my Facebook page to keep up with chess scene in New York and elsewhere. 


Thanks. on their schedule there's no chess other than scholastic. i'm hoping for a different sort of vibe. just casual chess with decent players.

You can also check out Flatbush area, where they play on Street.

The Brooklyn Strategist has a casual drop-in chess night on Tuesdays at 7:00pm! It’s a fun group and they have a cafe so you can order alcohol and food. 


i've seen chess games at a wendy's restaurant in east new york Brooklyn located at Pennsylvania ave and Linden Blvd...


and i believe NY Chess and games at 192 Flatbush avenue in Brooklyn still have a free for all type of deal Sunday's after 4 pm... call them to be certain


If you ever open a branch out here on Long Island (in particular Suffolk county) give me a shout.