Chess art & writing to be compiled into a book

Start Date/Time: Aug 22, 2009 at 12 am
End Date/Time: Nov 1, 2009 at 12 pm

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   2009 year
   B.S.A. team forums page

   International The Chess Writing and Art Contest will be open to all Black Shield Assassins

1. Participants must be a B.S.A. member.

2. All participants must sign name in red in this forum with legal statements releasing copyright permission to BSA 


3. must be about chess

4. All submissions, must be your own original work.

5. All submissions must be clean enough for young readers, no sexual content, no profanity.

6. All submissions must have a title and, the author's or artist's name (or pen name)

7. BSA will try to include every submission but cannot promise. everyone who submits must also vote for 1st 2nd and 3rd place in EVERY category (poetry and songs, - book cover, - stories,  - jokes and anecdotes and wise sayings, - puzzles and variations) they CAN vote for themselves, but should be fair, each category will have it's own winners. 

8. puzzles need to be your own invention and they must include your own title and give your own description or analysis. 

9. the book cover will have a title near the top and producers name near the bottom so try to include an area that allows for that. the book cover and title will probably have an assassin theme. all forms of images are allowable (sketching, painting, digital imaging, photography, etc...)

10. all written work must be submitted to falling-upwards by personal message or through whatever form of communication you work out with him, here is his homepage address:


11. all book cover submissions must be submitted to stratman by personal message or through whatever form of communication you work out with him, here is his homepage address:


12. start date is Aug. 22, 2009 end date is Nov. 1, 2009 then voting will be finished by the end of Dec. Publishing will start in Jan 2010. 

13. you are encouraged to submit as many projects as you want, and it is an American privilege to campaign by asking your friends to vote for you, however you can only win once, and voters can only vote for one 1st one 2nd and one 3rd place in each category. The Voting forum will be available after Nov 1, 2009. 

14. Everyone who submits a project to the contest must also vote, but we also hope that ALL the B.S.A. members will vote even if they do not submit a project, and only B.S.A. members will be permitted to vote, so if you want your friends to vote for you, have them sign up as a B.S.A. member first or else their votes will not be counted.