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Capablanca's Pupil?

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    In "My Chess Career", Capablanca mentioned:

    "Finally, late in May of 1918 I returned once more to New York. I had not played chess for one and a half years, but an event occurred which undoubtedly will have some influence on my future career. There was in Habana a young girl of from twelve to fourteen years of age who interested me a great deal. Not only was she intelligent and modest in every respect, but what is more to the point, she played chess quite well (I believe that today she probably is the strongest lady player in the world, though only fifteen or seventeen years old). I offered to give her a few lessons before I sailed. My offer was accepted, and I decided to teach her something of the openings and the middle-game along general principles and in accordance with certain theories which I had had in my mind for some time, but which I had never expounded to anybody. In order to explain and teach my theories I had to study, so it came about that, for the first time in my life, I devoted some time to the working of the openings. I had the great satisfaction of finding that my ideas were, as far as I could see, quite correct."

    "Thus, it happened that I actually learned more myself than my pupil, though I hope that my young lady friend benefited by the dozen or so lessons that I gave her."

    Does anybody know who this girl was? Did she become a famous chess player? I find it interesting that Capa had a pupil and actually passed on his knowledge to somebody.

    (Now where is batgirl when you need her ... Lol)

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    Thanks for the reply. I think you are right. Unfortunately, very little has been written about her. There wasn't even a photo of her. At chessgames.com, there are only very few games of her, but based on the quotes posted by the kibitzers there suggest that she was a pretty strong player.

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    It is interesting to see Capablanca would go all the way and even offered to pay for the expenses so that she could participate in the London tournament. She must be very dear to Capablanca.


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