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I Should stop playing chess forever?

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    Ye..I think playing chess is mint..talking about it...i'de give it three large paragraphs n' then i'de just look at the pictures(  not chess pictures ). 

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    By all means quit playing!

    Perhaps not forever but for today for sure.

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    Do you like chess or do you like winning? If you just like winning, then flip coins with your friends; you'll win about half the time.

    If you like chess, then stop playing blitz all the time and read a few books, watch videos (here or on YouTube for free), do hundreds of tactics on Chess Tactics Server (for free), and play online games at 3 days per move.

    If you're on a losing streak, you have to stop doing THAT. Do something else, and maybe your chess will improve. I can guarantee, though, that you will NEVER have a losing streak watching videos or studying a book, and that can be very nice.

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    it can be hard to improve i know and you may feel like you are terrible at this game but i'm assuming your losses based on your level are from dropping pieces. i would suggest to improve you should before moving a piece always check and see if you are moving it to a square where it can be captured or if any of your other pieces could be captured as well as if any of your opponents pieces can be captured. you should choose a time control where you have enough time to do this for every move comfortably. eventually it will become second nature and you will be able to focus on other stuff like tactics.

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    Try this,, everytime you lose put a tight rubber band around your head.  After about 30 or so I'd think your motivation to win should be pretty high Smile

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    Seraphimity wrote:

    Try this, everytime you lose put a tight rubber band around your head.  After about 30 or so, you simply won't care about chess anymore. Death will follow shortly.

    Great advice!

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    yes thanks for all responses I will study more and play more tacticts trainer I know that I can play great games because that already happened before but I was just a little frustrated for my loss games streak but thanks for all advice 

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    Of course you will lose interest if you keep on losing! That goes the same for any game regardless of its nature. It could be an indication that you have not understood some aspects of the game the natural way they should be done. To make an analogy if you're playing basketball for the first time and you haven't mastered the art of dribbling the ball then you're prone to commit a lot of turnovers. 

    So master the basics first then move to more difficult concepts. If you are asking what im talking about there are a lot of chess books to choose from. If you're interested there are a lot of topics from previous threads that mentions books with recommendations.


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    Fox, I suggest that you just stop being so hard on yourself.  If you play chess, you and all of us, will lose games, sometimes a few sometimes a lot.  But just ask yourself do you like playing chess?  If you do, than accept the fact that you will lose games, sometimes a lot.  That's chess.  I had a chess friend on a chess site that told me:  If I win, I love chess; if I lose, I still love chess.  He apparently loved playing chess, win or lose.  Now chess, as we all know, is not an easy game and it isn't for any of us to let ourselves be too discouraged over losses.  It's a hard game and anything hard takes time and hard work, study, persistence, practice. going over our lost games, breaking our hearts over games lost that should have been won.  For you to be so concerned about your playing, to me, means you love chess or at least like it.  So be willing to put out the sweat, love, and tears to learn it better, each day, each game.  You're on the right chess site:  go through a Chess Video a day; spend 10 to 15 minutes each on Chess Mentor, Chess Tactics, go to the Games Archives and pull up one of your last games and go over it move by move, until you see why you are losing games or winning them.  Here I'm not trying to be a hard guy, but don't pick up your chess pieces and go home.  Stay with it and become the good chess player you can be.  Aloha from Hawaii, VLMJ



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    baddogno wrote:

    Maybe you should try a longer time control or (gasp) even online chess.  I haven't looked at any of your 705 blitz games, but I would bet you are making the same mistakes over aand over again.  Blitz is for good players to show off their skills.  How did they get those skills?  By playing slow games and analyzing their games afterwards.   Sure Blitz is fun, addictive even, but as you have amply demonstrated playing only blitz makes it very difficult to improve.  Sorry about the rant, but that is my honest opinion.

    Is that what Blitz is for? I thought it was for all us hacks with ADHD/ short term memory problems to play. Long games means slow moves, which means forgetting which moves looked good when you were looking for gooder ones

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    Doggy_Style wrote:
    Seraphimity wrote:

    Try this, everytime you lose put a tight rubber band around your head.  After about 30 or so, you simply won't care about chess anymore. Death will follow shortly.

    Great advice!

    That is funny!! You could get your mate to do it aswell n' play Glascow kisses...

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    TheFox1 wrote:

    yes i like the game but my point is when I losse one or two games is easy for me loss 10 or 20 games and is very difficult win just one game but when I win some games , I can win many games dont know if it psychological 

    Not that I can explain it well, but I get that too. Sometimes blind to all the angles when maybe only short hours/minutes before they all seemed glaring.

    Sometimes I find stamina can be an issue. Playing blitz games is like running in a marathon. The first few yards, no problem.....

    Stuff that effects concentration might be as subtle as your diet, I've noticed a strong correlation between losing chess games and consuming copious amounts of alcohol while playing, for example. Also, I believe getting frustrated has a negative effect, as does tiredness, distractions etc., many things really.

    Have you tried joining a team and discussing strategy in some vote chess games? In this way, might learn something from other players. 

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    @Fox I understand your situation. In fact, I am not natural at chess and neither a good player myself and so often loose as my rating of 1002 indicate but that won't stop me playing because I like the game. A grandmaster once said: You learn more by loosing than winning. I think that's true though it may be frustrating. But there is no better place to play and make mistakes and learn than by playing chess online. You're anonymous here and no one judges you. I myself try to improve by reading a chess magazine I subscribed to, books I get to the library, puzzles available on the internet. I will improve because I want to. It may take time, it may be difficult and painful but chances are I will get better. But for now it's a long road. what I found particularly difficult in a game is to resist impulsions of frustrations because you know you just don't have it and then you screw up the game by doing so. I've got to learn patience and concentration at it's highest level.

    I hope you don't give up the wondeful game of chess. Determination is an important factor of success along with motivation and that apply for chess as well. Loosing and learning that's 2 key words for improving.

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    I love chess like many of us on this site. I use to play a lot blitz games (5Min per side) then I move to playing game with (15min per side) just the little amount in time controls made a difference. It is no sercert that your moves will be stronger because you have more time to think.  I would take the advice studying books, video, tactics.  

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    With blitzgames every little jump in rating takes about a 1000 games, luckily they are short games.

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    It sounds like one of those late 90's boy band songs:

    I should stop lovin' chess


    your sweet queen won't mate me


    You can't double check me


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    too much blitz playing is making me hungry for eggs

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    I've been trying to solve the losing streak problem for two years. Its a pain. I gave up because of it. Twice.


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