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Magnus Carlsen: now the highest player in history

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    As of now at http://www.2700chess.com/, Magnus Carlsen has  a 2855.7 rating, surpassing Kasparov's peak of 2851. Now he's the highest rated chess player of all time.

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    Pretty sure Kasparov had a live rating of 2856.

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    Whyred wrote:

    Pretty sure Kasparov had a live rating of 2856.

    Tournament isn't over yet.Tongue Out

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    Its not official until the tournament is over, i wish people would quit prepaturalty posting this !

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    It is official.

     The unique film about Magnus Carlsen, the worlds best player is available for viewing here:


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    He's no Paul MorphyLaughing

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    Morpy was a child compared to Magnus :-)

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    Did he grow lately? He didn't seem so high.

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    Let's see how he does in the 2013 Championship. I have my money on Kramnik!

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