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Ultimate Chess Player of the Month July 2012

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    “Hey! Empoleon6498 (my old username) here! I’m going to start a chess player of the month!” Those words sparked the beginning of the series of forum topics that would soon bring many chess.com members to view and participate in: Chess Player of the Month aka CPOTM. The rules were as follows: nominate a member who you think is in deserving of CPOTM for any reason, and then conduct a voting phase(s) to result in the official winner of CPOTM for that specific month.

    Chess Player of the Month began in February 2010. Each month, there was fierce competition, endless drama, friendships created and broken, and plentiful humor. From all those months until now, there have been chess.com members who were allegedly crowned the title of CPOTM, each fully deserving the title. Now, all these winners will return to face off in the ultimate CPOTM ever of July.

    Three winners will be crowned in the three categories: best chess player, most active, and friendliest. Through different sets of competitions few will stay to the end. What competition will there be? When power shifts during the voting phases, will revenge be taken or will strategy stand? Which decisions will cost the title and which will wreak havoc between specific people? Who will not have the ability to stay and avoid elimination during the competitions? And who will rise above them all in their category taking the title of ultimate chess player of the month? Find out by following this forum post for the month.

    Welcome to the Ultimate Chess Player of the Month July 2012!

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    Hello! I am proKnight98. I will explain the complete rules to this CPOTM shortly. I can only say that it will be slightly complicated, but hopefully you will understand. Right now, I will get started with the ceremony for CPOTM July, introducing all the past winners of CPOTM. They deserve all the recognition they can receive!

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    Great ! now how am I suppose to compete with her looking like that ! Tongue out

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    Let the introduction ceremony begin!

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    veggiegirlie: Veggiegirlie was the first winner of CPOTM, when it started in February 2010. She is fairly active and has many friends. Her group VeggieGirlie Fan Club contains 44 members.


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    haddad56: Haddad56 was the “second” winner of CPOTM February 2010 for the “most online chess games in progress” portion. Most online chess games in progress was stopped after February 2010. Even though haddad56 didn’t official win the CPOTM title, we all know that he would have. Haddad56 is an amazing chess player; he plays with many correspondence games in progress. In addition, he is willing to give out free memberships to members. Also, he is fairly active with 6100+ member points.


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    deckers1066: Deckers1066 was the winner of CPOTM June 2010. There were no winners for CPOTM March-May. He is a player who was played many games since near the beginning of the site and a good, honest player who is always a game competitor.


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    Alan_Tudor: Alan_Tudor was the winner of CPOTM July 2010. That month was the month where campaigning occurred and there was a lot of controversy on how the vote should turn out. In the end Alan_Tudor won but his account was closed sometime this year. He will not be participating in this competition.

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    Woo hoo! When is trysts going to show?

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    LisaV: LisaV was the winner of CPOTM August 2010. That month there was a lot of posting of pictures and some pointless arguments, but eventually LisaV won the votes. LisaV, also known as XeniaOnatopp, is humorous in the forums and likes to post pictures. She is fairly active with 5600+ member points.


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    I rather miss Trysts.

    No one misses Alan Two-Door and his burnt-down tarpaper shack.

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    heinzie: Heinzie was the winner of CPOTM September 2010. He is fairly active, having 4500+ points.


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    goldendog: goldendog was the winner of CPOTM October 2010. He is very active in the forums, having 10000+ points. It doesn’t look like he plays any chess on chess.com.


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    ilikeflags: Ilikeflags was the winner of CPOTM November 2010. Apparently he is a teacher and it doesn’t look like he really likes flags. In addition, he is very active, having 14500+ points.


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    And Flags has recently had his forum posing abilities restored, so don't piss him off. Wink

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    He likes flags a lot. some would say too much.

    It is known.

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    dude i love those damn things.

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    Like I said. People even ask if that's a pennant in his pocket.

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    I love banners and tunics. Perhaps we could compare notes?

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    have a flag

    what a beauty.  (now back to the show)


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