How to keep a 1500+ bullet rating

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    Recently I have achieved 1500 bullet for the first time. Here are my top 5 keys to bullet!Laughing


    1) Watch the clock! This is number one for a reason. In bullet this is the golden rule.


    2) Know your openings! Study, Have a varying repertoire, Know novice traps and posible gambits (evans/smith mora) they occur often and are equally lethal. Especially know how repond to the bxf7 sacrifice by white which is seen often in sub 1500 bullet. It's tricky, but can be easily beaten with simple study.


    3)Pay attention to your oppenents knights! Nothing kills a winning position faster than a tricky fork. Work on speedily recognizing the movement and square attacks of knights.


    4)Slow down and review lost games. Even If you know you've made a silly mistake, see how each position comes about.


    5)Finally, Studying end games. Pawn structure can play a key role in determining winners in bullet. Also understand the endgame position in terms of whether it's a closed or open game ( in closed positions knights are preferable as opposed to bishops. In open positions vise vesa).

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    Don't get to 1499 or lower.

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    in my experience, it only takes 1.

    ANd that is to go for an attack immediately.

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    play good ;)

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    I know an even better tip. WIN!


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    Zibbit! I haven't heard from you since the videos you posted for the competition. Those are great. Seeing you post on here reminds me to go check out your videos again. 

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    my advice is: use the h pawn, use queen and knight combos, and watch for knight forks.

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    Cool. I'm subscribing to Thanx for the link. 

    Oh yeah, watching his videos will keep ratings above 1500 too. I should mention that. You might wanna add that to the list.

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