Bulldog Chess with Witch (JohnHS - vickalan)


I think I made a blunder here (shown at 23.Wd5), after JohnHS moves his witch making both pieces on the e-file transparent - dangerously exposing my king.


My blunder was playing 23...Bd6

Rather than 23...Bd6, protecting the Black king from check with (23...Gd8) or (23...Re5) or (23...We5) or (23...Be5) may have been better play. I didn't evaluate each one specifically, but I think they would have all been better than what I played.

Notice in this position I'm ahead by a minor piece, but after this I soon lost my queen, and was never able to recover.tear.png

Any other analysis from Martin0 or anyone is welcome.happy.png

Or you could have taken his witch with your rook.